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🚀 We're starting! Come and check out our pilot test. Click here for more info.🚀


We're starting! Come and check out our pilot test



Workspaces in the Middle of Nature.


Improve your quality of life by taking your work to a natural environment.

Sounds good, right?

Our goal is to create a network of high-quality and comfortable workspaces in the middle of nature. Flexible and agile spaces strongly supported by technology.

The idea emerged in 2020. We were tired of the city lifestyle. The pace, traffic jams, parking, prices, noise, pollution... all of that affected our work productivity, but most importantly, our quality of life. We are from Asturias, a natural paradise, and we know that nature offers great advantages in that sense. So we asked ourselves, why not take advantage of it?

Since then, many things have happened, and we've encountered several obstacles along the way. But little by little, it seems we're starting to see the light. And this is proof of that. In July, we'll open our pilot test. It's not the final design or idea that we have in mind, but we'll be one step closer.

We have to start somewhere, right?

The goal of this pilot test is to get to know you, to understand your needs, what you like, what you don't like...

This space will be located just 50 meters away from the final location of Cowtainers, within the premises of the Construction Labor Foundation. It will have a maximum of 6 offices (for 3-4 people) and two open coworking spaces with a capacity of 30 to 40 people.


Monthly Coworking Pass

From 115€+VAT/Person

Monthly Office Pass

From 130€+VAT/Person (Minimum 3 persons)

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