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The pace of the city, the noise, the pollution... all of this impacts your productivity, but above all, your quality of life. We are from Asturias, and we know that nature offers great advantages in this regard. Why not take advantage of it?

Nature reduces stress, increases creativity, concentration, memory, and self-esteem. Additionally, it prevents diseases and improves physical well-being.

Cowtainers Innovation Hub is a pioneering center that works to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and knowledge transfer, leveraging the benefits of nature. Among our activities, we focus on promoting business activities and projects, trade meetings, networking, fundraising, information, and experimentation.

Inspiration and

Fresh mind, fresh ideas! Can you imagine working surrounded by trees and spectacular landscapes? That's what truly fuels the imagination! In a natural coworking space, inspiration is in the air, and ideas flow more effortlessly. There's nothing like that creative spark that nature provides.

Wellness and

Goodbye stress, hello happiness: Here, fresh air and sunlight work wonders for your well-being. Saying goodbye to stress is a plus, and working happier also makes you more productive. Double gain!

Networking and

Connect with people who share similar ideas and goals. A great atmosphere and always opportunities to connect with new people. Meet incredible professionals and who knows what exciting projects may arise!

Our Facilities

Welcome to the future of innovation and business growth! At Cowtainers Innovation Hub, we offer you much more than just a workspace; it's an oasis of opportunities and creativity amidst an impressive natural environment. Imagine a place where collaboration flows like never before, surrounded by green forests and panoramic views that inspire every step you take.

Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your ideas to the next level? A hungry-for-success startup? Or perhaps a established company seeking a fresh environment to boost your teams' creativity? Whatever your case, Cowtainers is the place for you.

Our innovation center will feature coworking spaces that encourage the exchange of ideas and networking with other visionaries like yourself. Additionally, we offer elegant private offices to provide your business with the space and privacy it needs to flourish. Meeting rooms are designed to inspire and facilitate strategic decision-making.

But that's not all. At Cowtainers, we also take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Aware of our impact on the environment, we have implemented eco-friendly solutions in all aspects of our hub, from energy efficiency to recycling.

Yes! They are not photographs, they are computer-generated images! While we carry out our project and everything we have described to you earlier, we have set up offices on the same grounds and just 100 meters away from the final location and forest. Take a look by clicking below:


Coworking Spaces

Looking for a different space? Come to Cowtainers and you can enjoy an office in the middle of a forest. Here you can find flexible workstations or dedicated desks. Join the coworking model!


Private Offices

If you work better having your own space and want to enjoy all the benefits that a coworking environment offers, at Cowtainers, we have rental plans for private offices. We tailor our offerings to your needs based on the dimensions you require.


Virtual Offices

Do you need a prestigious address to register your company and receive mail? Cowtainers is definitely the place for you.


Meeting Rooms

Can you imagine having a meeting or conducting a course in the middle of a forest? At Cowtainers, we offer you this possibility without giving up anything that a conventional meeting room provides.


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